Training schedule

Until further notice, training will be on the following days.


  • Tuesday 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday 6:00pm – 7:30pm


Steinergasse 12
1230 Vienna

Training is always outdoors, which means that clothing should be adapted to weather conditions.
Changes of training days or times will be communicated.
Each training session is planned individually and consists of one or several of the following building blocks.

  • Warm-up and mobilisation
    • Essential at the beginning of each training session. A warm-up is necessary to mobilise the joints and stretch the muscles, thus minimising the risk of injury.

  • Strength and conditioning
    • Muscular strength and stamina are the basis for any sport. Rugby is a multi-faceted sport which means that many different groups of muscles need to be strengthened. Your position on the pitch determines which particular groups of muscles you will rely on the most.

  • Rugby-specific training
    • This part of training will convey the rules and practice in-game situations. Often, the team is split into groups according to positions in order to focus on specific drills. Basic skills including general knowledge of the game. Passing precision and communication are always a part of this block.

  • Training match (Touch Rugby or full contact)
    • Real in-game situations enable us to apply the skills previously learned. This is why it is important to have short matches within a training session. They enable us to see what our strengths and weaknesses as a team are, and to focus on these particular things in further training.

Useful tips

  • For training we recommend bringing a mouthguard, a water bottle and tear-proof clothing.
  • Cleats (e.g. from Adidas, Canterbury, … )


not ok

  • Anyone is welcome to join training at any time.