Vienna Eagles Rugby Football Club


Do I have to be gay / lesbian?

No, we welcome anyone who believes in equality. We founded our team because many gay / bisexual men, lesbian women, non-binary persons, transgender persons and many others still feel that they can’t play Rugby or be themselves among teammates. The Vienna Eagles want to provide a place where anyone can feel comfortable to be themselves and enjoy Rugby to the fullest.

Do you only play against other gay teams?

No, following our guiding principle “unity in diversity” we try to play against as many different clubs as possible, both within Austria and abroad, as well as IGR (International Gay Rugby) teams. We don’t prefer one over the other and are happy to take on new challenges and get to know new teams.

I do not know anything about Rugby or other contact sports

Don’t worry. We know that not everybody who joins us will be experienced in Rugby or another contact sport. This is why it is important to us as a team to create an environment that makes it easy for people to stop by and try out Rugby.

So nobody should be afraid to just join an open training or get in touch with us to take their first steps in Rugby. We all started somewhere. Some of us had no experience at all or were only experienced in other team sports like football. None of this should keep you from entering the world of Rugby.

I’m an experienced Rugby player. Why should I choose Vienna Eagles over any other local club?

Vienna Eagles is Austria’s only inclusive Rugby club to date. We stand for fairness, respect, tolerance, team spirit, loyalty and open-mindedness. If you subscribe to these values, the Eagles are your club.

We’re a sociable team that also likes to get together when not on the pitch. We want to constantly improve while still having a good time, so a mix of ambition and fun is what we are going for.

Since we are a new team that still needs to grow, we welcome experienced players who can support us in many ways. So if you’re looking for a new Rugby adventure, you’ve come to the right place and we’re excited to meet you!

What if I don’t feel fit enough?

In the beginning, none of us knew what to expect. Whether you’re fit or not, with regular exercise targeting stamina, technique and strength, anyone can get to a level of fitness that allows them to keep pace on game days. And if you’re having a bad day or feel you’ve reached a plateau, your teammates and coaches will help you stay motivated.

What if I’m not good enough?

Practice makes perfect! Especially for beginners, Rugby can be kind of a confusing sport at times, but the first training session will already teach you the essentials of the game. And from here on, it’s just a matter of time. After a few sessions, you will notice how you’re getting better. Of course, some will be faster to learn, while others need more time. No matter your individual pace, our team will support and challenge you. Together we will get there!

Once you get the hang of the game, you will feel great and enjoy Rugby even more.

Isn’t that dangerous?

Rugby is a contact sport, so yes, there is a risk of injury. However, Rugby isn’t much more dangerous than football in terms of injury frequency.

Our players have mostly had muscular or sprain injuries. However, if you find yourself worrying a lot about hurting yourself or are prone to injuries, you should think twice, whether Rugby is the right sport for you.

Do I need a certain body type to play Rugby?

No, you just need to be motivated and enjoy the game. Rugby requires a variety of player types and skills, so people of all shapes and sizes can find their place in the game. From the typically rather short scrum half to the heavy front row and the fast wings, anyone can find their position.

What do I need to get started?

For the first few training sessions we recommend wearing tear-proof clothes and bringing a mouthguard, if possible, to be able to practice tackling.

Safety comes first both in training and in matches, but there’s always a risk of injury. For this reason, we will need you to sign a waiver saying that you practise this sport at your own risk.

How much does the membership cost?

Currently the yearly membership fee is €240. This amount can be paid as a one-off or in quarterly instalments. We also offer a student membership and a social membership, which cost €100 per year. Our treasurer will be happy to answer any further questions regarding membership and other costs.

I want to support the team, but I won’t be able to play. What can I do?

We offer social membership for €100 per year. Social members will be invited to all events including after home match parties.

Partners, family and friends can also get this membership if they wish to visit matches or events regularly.

We’re always looking for active social members who want to help with game day organisation, photography, communications, marketing, fundraising or other stuff.

We provide access to sport without prejudice.