Vienna Eagles Rugby Football Club

Why Rugby

Sadly, Rugby is still seen by many as a violent game only played by “real” men. We want to change this image that many people have in their minds to show that Rugby is a sport where anyone can find a position and role that suits them.

Rugby is a sport that values diversity, and teams benefit from the different characteristics of individual players. This was one thing that made it easier for us to found a diverse and LGBTQIA+ friendly team. Another factor was the support we received from the very beginning from individuals and other clubs (Vienna Celtics RFC in particular) that were not part of this community. We are deeply grateful to all the people who have supported us from the start and are continuing to help us build a great Rugby club.

Anyone is welcome, from seasoned players to beginners, because only together we can grow and learn, push each other’s limits and form a team that will stick together. With the right mindset, motivation and commitment, Rugby can be a great starting point in team sports for anyone.